Day 22 - Saturday 26th December 2009


Today was a day of Press conferences and lack of information. Nobody knew what was going on, there was a meeting at 11am this morning which didn't disclose much factual information. We also decided to check out of our Hotel as it was very dingy and a rip off at 15 Syrian Pound for a 2 bed room, imagine the ones who paid 25 Syrian Pounds for the room. So we checked out and went back to the compound.


Then a very nice chap from the Muslim Brotherhood came up to us and said he wanted to arrange some accomodation for us, so he took us to the Al Zeitounah Hotel and checked us in to a lovely 3 bedroom room, totally free of charge, Alhumdolillah. So that was one less head ache, especially as I'm unwell and need somewhere nice and clean to rest up.


I watched AL JAZEERA News and funnily enough learnt more about the situation from them. We are getting good TV coverage in the Middle East, it is very sad that the UK has done nothing to give us coverage or support. t really is sad when you consider that they were complicit in this crime against the Palestinians over 60 year ago. Sitting in silence is just as bad.


I must admit I spent most of the day recovering, we have Brother Kashiff Din from north London sharing the room with us, he is a very funny chap and always trying to cheer people up. This Brother is non-stop jokes and very genuine and caring, he makes a great room mate, except when he strolls in at 4am in the morning and wakes you up to ask if he can watch the TV ....crazy, but funny.


Good Night was at the Al Zeitouneh Hotel, I had an early night but was up every hour coughing this mucus out, it isn't going away. The other came back around 4am in the morning. They are falling into the holiday trap, hopefully the events of tomorrow will wake them up a bit.

TOP TIP - Make sure to 'mingle' with the locals and be smart and professional at all times. People take notice and will offer you their business cards and offer to host you, or find you a nice 5 star hotel and pick up the tab for you. Rest and relaxation are essential on these road journeys, so it is best to take up the luxury when ever you get the chance.