Day 07 - Friday 11th December 2009


It was lovely having a good nights sleep at the Pizza Restaurant and waking up to a nice warm shower, and of course having fresh Pizza for breakfast ....yummy. The plan was to leave at 4pm, however at the last minute it was changed to 1.30pm so we had to do a mad dash to the Ferry, which was parked just outside the restaurant. In the confusion we managed to speed through the docks, past security and park up ready to board HOWEVER there was one problem, we had no tickets. So we had to jump back and do a mad dash across the docks and to the ticket office, which was jam packed and race back to the Super Fast ferry.


We booked bog standard tickets as the cabins were very expensive, however once on board we realised it was going to be a 16 hour long journey, and it was a noisy place. So we enquired and as a gesture of support, they gave us knock down priced cabins at only 45 Euro each, which was very nice.


We managed to get a good nights sleep. The ferry was not very big, but was quick and had all the facilities we needed. On board we had a big meeting as well to iron out our plan of action, there is a lot of concern about Egypt and how they will treat us. I hope they will be nice this time round.

GOOD NIGHT was on a nice bed on a nice cruise ship cruising towards Greece. Finally a real bed and nice bathroom.


TOP TIP - Don't buy a Cabin ticket at the office, as they will rip you off, people paid hundreds of Euros for buying it in advance. If you buy once on board and haggle a bit, they will sort you out a good price. For them even 45 Euros is better than an empty cabin. Bargain.


Also a very SPECIAL THANK YOU to Brother Mourand for letting us have the keys to his Pizza Place, it was a very nice Islamic Brotherly gesture, and a DOUBLE THANK YOU for calling me and keeping in touch, honestly he and his family were very nice and genuine people.