DAY 14 - Friday 18th December 2009


We woke up to another cold start, we decided to do a Shower Dash around Fajr time, before the crowds got to them and wrecked them. No matter how hard you try, after a few hundred people hit the showers, they look like a tip. We managed to get up early, especially as we ditched our group, and were nice and fresh.


We headed to another rally, this wasn't so bad, but then again I decided to watch it from inside the van, I didn't bother to get out. And then the worst happened, I don't know what it is with northerners, but Almas decided to clean our Kettle. I've cleaned it a few times, I usually use a clean wipe, but my Northerner buddy decided to smash it on the floor to dislodge the calcium limescale, and then he was wondering why the Kettle wouldnt work, maybe it was becuase it based around on the floor ....duh.


The problem was everything was based around that little cigarette lighter Kettle, our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner snacks were Pot Noodles, which needed boiled water. And our drinks were Tea and Coffee, which again depended on hot water.


We had a power invertor and other Kettles but the problem was heat element items suck a lot of energy, and out imvertor just could not cope. So we were buggered.


Then it was a long mountainous drive to Adana. .


GOOD NIGHT was in the van, although to be honest we couldn't sleep, we were still on shock and angry at the manner in which nothing was being done. It was a high speed crash, we were doing about 65 miles an hour ourselves, and that prick was going faster thn us.


TOP TIP - If you can set up a video camera on your dashboard to capture the idiot drivers. If somebody is driving like an idiot, make a formal complaint, it will cover your back.