Day 04 - Tuesday 8th December 2009


We woke up to an even more colder morning, we headed out fairly quickly and made our way to southern Germany. We had a few nice pit stops and admired the scenery, it was really lovely, the Black Forest is an enchanting place. It is very beautiful but in a spooky scary sort of way, it was crazy seeing natural beauty on one side of the road, and on the other side Industrial activity at its mammoth scale, factories and road works galore. It looked very surreal to be honest. The facilities at the pit stops were very nice and clean, plus they had showers at 2 Euro each.


Eventually we arrived at Kiefersfelden which is right on the German Austrian border. It was dark by the time we strolled in, and was another car park, thankfully at a servcie station, so we were able to enjoy some Chips and a Cheese Sandwich, plus a Hot Coffee.


The night was extremely cold, I checked out my GPS and we were 483m above sea level. In the morning I woke up and was amazed to see that we were surrounded by mountains, it was an amazing sight. Check out the picture above, it was stunning, surrounded by mountains.


GOOD NIGHT was at the service station car park, 3 in a row, it was not what we expected. The night was very cold, freezing and uncomfortable, but then again we weren't here for a holiday, so time to rough it. Last year was different, we spent the first night in Paris, I stayed at my good friend, actually good Brother Mourads place, then it was a hotel in Bordeaux and a Sports Centre near Madrid.


TOP TIP - Where ever you find a shower, make use of it, I was in two minds about it at first but then was glad that I used it, you never know when your next shower will come.