GAZA IS UNDER ATTACK ..1,837 Palestinians have been slaughtered by the israeli terrorist apartheid state - illegally built on occupied Palestine since 1948 ..Gaza is still under siege since 2007 ..UK business continue to profit from illegal settlements and this bloodshed ..therefore we must all PROTEST and BOYCOTT and do all we can to help the Palestinians


29th July 2014 - El Wafa Hospital for the Disabled has been bombed by israeli war plans and tank shelling whilst patients were still inside. This is a very serious war crime and the hospital was only destroyed because it is an attack on civillians like the destruction of Gaza's only power station. You can also read more via Channels 4 exclusive coverage from within Gaza click here. I visited El Wafe Hospital on my two previous trips and can assure you that the 52 Quadraplegic patients affected who can't use their arms or legs posed no threat at all to the israeli racist facist nazi-orientated jewish regime - this is a horrible crime against humanity by some very evil people that STOLE Palestine in 1948, and have continued to terrorise the indigenous Palestinian Arab population, and then wonder why they fire rockets. Israel is an illegal state created on terrorism and today uses terror to try and subdue the Palestinians, shame on everybody that actively supports israeli regime and also the silent majority, as silence is complicity.

26th July 2014 - The temporary ceasefire has allowed Palestinian rescue workers to enter residential areas that were bombed and sadly they discovered over 70 dead civillians buried under the rubble of their homes. Some were told to evacuate but they had nowhere to go as the israeli regime has even been bombing UN schools which were acting as shelters. The israeli armed forces are full of cowards who bomb everything from a distance and then slowly move closer shooting dead the remaining civillians. For more information click here.

25th July 2014 - The israeli occupation forces (occuppied Palestine) have bombed a UN school and killed 15, including a 1 year old baby, and wounded over 200 civillians. This was deliberate attack on a UN school which was a designated shelter. For more information click here.

16th July 2014 - El Wafa Elderly Care Home has been attacked by israel (occuppied Palestine). This was deliberate firing on a medical facility by the israeli occuppiers. For more information click here.

11th July 2014 - El Wafa Hospital has been attacked by israel, there are about a dozen volunteers from the International Solidarity Movement protecting the hospital. Photos just below the news section - plus other photos from the areas around the hospital.

10th July 2014 - Israeli army has murdered over 127 Palestinians, including women and children. They have bombed 2 Mosques during the Holy Month of Ramadhan and they also bombed a Centre for Disabled People killing several disabled people.

11th July 2014 - Massive global Protests against the Israeli attacks on Gaza, over 6,000 people attended the Protest in London. - my photos are below. National Protest planned for Saturday 19th July - details to be confirmed.

LATEST UPDATE FROM LIVE FROM GAZA - from world renowned journalist Mr Akram el-Satarri at Press TV, who is also a very close friend of mine. His brave front line reports have given the whole world a clear insight into what is really happening and the full extent of the isareli war crimes.



Latest figures as of 8th August 2014 at 10.20 GMT


1837 people killed among which

398 children, 207 women,

82 Families Wiped out,

74 Elderly People killed

9,370 people injured

77 UN run facilities targeted

4,500 homes reduced to rubble

32,000 house pertially damaged

70 Mosques destroyed in Ramadhan

3 Hospitals attacked

1 Journalist killed

1 Paramedic killed


On Wednesday 23rd April 2014 Hamas and Fateh anounced a Unity Agreement ( which israel immediately vowed to destroy.


On 20th May 2014 israeli soldiers shot dead 17 year old Nadeem Nawara and 16 year old Mohammad Salamah, these children posed no danger and the deaths were caught on CCTV yet no justice as the criminal soldiers have still not been held to account (

Three illegal israeli settlers were kidnapped and murdered recently, however there has been no evidence at all as to who was behind this awful crime. However following heated and racist rhetoric by several israeli officials including their primeminister - several illegal israeli settlers kidnappend and burned alive 15 year old Muhammed Abu Khadier (

The root cause is the illegal occupation by israeli forces of Palestine, and their continuous genocide activites and war crimes, therefore solidarity is requested to support a quest for Justice for the Palestinian people. This has got nothing at all to do with the fireworks that come from Gaza into israel, or the network of tunnels they are forced to use because of the blockade - it is all about israel increasing it's grip on Gaza and punishing the entire Palestinian population into excepting their brutal occupation of Palestine. Sadly the israelis will even kill pregnant women, babies and children to fulfill their aims of complete geneocide and committ war crimes as bad as those they committed at Sabra and Shatila (

THE CHILDREN OF GAZA .. their suffering is continuing .. it's very important for everybody to do what they can to end the brutal Israeli occupation and illegal BLOCKADE

The aim of this project was to provide vital Medical Aid, Educational Aid and Clothing to the civillians suffering in Gaza and everything was donated via EL-WAFA REHABILITATION HOSPITAL for Disabled, Amputee, Quadraplegic patients and EL-WAFA ELDERLY CARE HOME and also to the EL-WAFA CHARITABLE TRUST which works extensively with the poor, orphans and widows at Khan Yunis Refugee Camp.


Since June 2007 there has been a seige on Gaza, both Egypt and Israel controls Gazan Borders, Waters and Airspace and restrict the amount and type of goods it allows to enter Gaza .. Israel and Egypt currently do not allow Fresh Meat, Fresh Fruit, School Books, School Stationary, Corriander, Jam, Baby Milk, Building Materials and even CHOCOLATE (and many more items) to enter Gaza .. many people are suffering because of these actions, politics aside - civillians should not suffer like this, especially not the disabled and elderly who are already disadvantaged, what hope is there for the children of Gaza? Today over 100,000 suffer from trauma-related ill health psychological disorders. The brutal Israeli regime has murdered many Palestinian children as part of it's programme of Genocide and Ethnic cleansing.

PHOTOS - Delivering Vehicle and Aid to EL-WAFA REHAB. HOSPITAL and ELDERLY CARE HOME and to widows and orphans.

NEWSFLASH - I am now working even more closely with EL-WAFA REHAB. HOSPITAL and EL-WAFA ELDERLY CARE HOME. The hospital has 52 in-patients, all of whom are bed bound, they include Men and Women, Boys and Girls, none can get out of bed without help.


Most are Quadraplegic (loss of use of all four limbs), others amputees or victims of strokes or other crippling illnesses. They also take care of 17 residential elderly people, who suffer from dementia and alzheimers and who have lost family members due to the conflict and have nobody to look after them. I am doing my bit to help re-build the hospital and ease the suffering of the poor people of Gaza (Palestine)


Please dig deep, all Donations (including Zakaat and Sadaaqa) will go to genuine deserving people. This hospital was attacked by Israel as it is just over 1,200 metres away from the border, feel free to see my photos of the destruction, the patients and the brave dedicated staff who risk their lives to help the disabled and elderly people of Gaza (Palestine).

News last updated at 11:42 GMT, Wednesday, 20 January 2010


UN warns Israeli blockade puts Gazans' health at risk

A medical patient waits at Erez crossing from Gaza into Israel
Patients with some conditions need to cross into Israel for treatment


The blockade of the Gaza Strip is putting residents' health at risk, the UN and aid groups have warned.


Medical facilities and equipment are in disrepair, many damaged in Israel's military operation a year ago have not been rebuilt, they said.


Some 27 patients died last year waiting to be referred out of Gaza, they said.


Israel and Egypt deny entry to all but basic humanitarian supplies, in order to prevent Gaza's Hamas rulers firing rockets at Israel, they say.

UN agencies and the Association for International Development Agencies (AIDA), which represents more than 80 humanitarian organisations, said the Israeli restrictions were "undermining the functioning of the health care system and putting at risk the health of 1.4 million people in Gaza".



Max Gaylard, the UN's humanitarian coordinator in Gaza, said the blockade was hampering the provision of medical supplies and the training of health staff.


He said it was also "preventing patients with serious medical conditions getting timely specialised treatment outside Gaza".


Some treatments, such as complex heart surgery and treatment for certain types of cancer, are unavailable in Gaza.


The agencies highlighted the case of 19-year-old Fidaa Talal Hijjy, who they say died while awaiting permission to leave Gaza for a bone marrow transplant she needed to treat Hodgkin's disease.


They said she had applied for permission three times to attend appointments at hospitals in Israel, but each time the Israeli authorities failed to respond in time and she missed the appointment.


Her request was approved the day after she died, on 11 November.

The World Health Organization says 88 people have died while waiting for permits since November 2007.


On average 20% of essential drugs were out of stock in Gaza between March and November 2009, according to WHO figures.


Israel allows most medicines into Gaza, but there have been problems with the supply chain.


Most Gazans are not allowed to leave the territory, and the agencies also said medical staff had generally been unable to travel out of Gaza to update their expertise.


Fifteen hospitals and 43 clinics were damaged or destroyed in Israel's operation in Gaza a year ago and most had not been rebuilt because constructions materials have not been allowed in, the agencies said.


The Israeli authorities are yet to respond to the aid agencies' statement.

However, in the past Israel has said extensive security screening is necessary for patients who wish to leave, as three people with permits to leave for medical reasons have been found to be planning attacks in Israel.


It has also said it has offered to facilitate passage through Israel to Jordan for Gazan patients it refuses permits to on security grounds.

Israel said the 22-day military operation, which began on 27 December 2008, was aimed at halting rocket fire by Palestinian militants into Israel.

It says the almost total ban on construction materials such as cement entering Gaza is because they may be used for building rockets, launch pads or weapons smuggling tunnels.


Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, after Hamas forced out the forces of its more secular rival Fatah, which the Islamic movement had beaten in elections the previous year.