The best way to help is to make a donation, I don't waste your money on merchandising or glossy brochures, or any other fancy items.

There are a variety of ways of making donations.

  • One-off contribution
  • Zakat or Sadaqa
  • Project-specific donations
  • Remember me in your will

Email us at Help@GazaGiftAid.org or using the online contact form which can be found at the bottom of this page, please help to make a real difference.


I am co-ordinating my efforts exclusively with EL-WAFA REHABILITATION HOSPITAL and ELDERLY CARE HOME and have decided to channel my efforts through them. They also run several programmes locally and around Khan Younis Refugee Camp via the EL-WAFA CHARITABLE SOCIETY, so rest assured your help will reach those who need it most, any questions, please let me know anytime. I can honestly say that they need your help, I have been there and seen it for myself. I am also in regular contact with the Directors of the Hospital, they are very nice and genuine people.

Photo-gallery: some of the projects supported by your genorsity

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