• 1. World Peace would be nice
  • 2. Assist the Disabled people of Gaza
  • 3. Assist the Elderly of Gaza
  • 4. Assist the Widows and Orphans of Gaza
  • 5. Increase awareness of their suffering due to the illegal seige
  • 6. Provide all of the above with programmes and skills to live a fulfilling life

Aid and Donations are delivered Hand to Hand

Why Gaza (Palestine)?

People often ask me why I decided to focus my energy on helping the people of Gaza. There are several moral reasons why we British should help the Palestinians, it was Britain in 1917 that violated the terms of a UN Mandate by back tracking on promises made to the Palestinians during World War 1, those familiar with Lawrence of Arabia will have a good insight into the situation.


Then in 1948 an event called the Nakba (Great Catastrophe) occurred and since then over 83% of Palestinian land was taken away from them. For over 60 years the Palestinians have been forced to live as refugees, without any hope of a decent future. Then to make matters worse when they elected a government which represented their views and feelings, they are shunned, because many nations did not respect their democratic choice.


But for me personally, the videos below explain the story. The politics are not my business, what Israel, Egypt, the West Bank and others want to do is their business, I felt it important to at least try and bring some hope to the civillians, especially those already disadvantaged.

Why the Gaza Convoy?

I then became aware of the seige on Gaza, which has been in place since 2007, so it made me realise that the situation on the gorund must be a lot worse.


I also read about the attack on EL-WAFA REHAB. HOSPITAL and ELDERLY CARE HOME, ironically on the BBC website. I really wanted to do more and also wanted to know where every penny was going to ensure that it went to those that needed it most.